Here are some great testimonials Wendy has received over the years:

I have had the honor of hiring Wendy to speak at some of my local associations for the past 4 years, and she consistently offers the greatest and most requested presentation of the year. She has been speaking to the same core group of guests, but they continue to come back year after year to hear her speak because they know that they will always learn something new that they can immediately implement in their own businesses. Her knowledge of the industry combined with her bright and engaging personality make her the perfect speaker, and I hope I have the honor of hiring her for many more events to come!  
– Kevin M. Dennis
Wedding Industry Professionals Association (WIPA)

“I have worked with Wendy Dahl for years and could not offer a higher recommendation. As a speaker, she is professional, dynamic and motivating. Because she is an educator, she knows how to present a topic for maximum impact and “take-aways”. She engages the audience every step of the way with topics that are relevant, forward-thinking and original. She has been one of the highest rated speakers at the Association of Club Catering Professionals National Conference for years now and our group absolutely loves her!”
Lynne LaFond DeLuca
Executive Director
Association of Club Catering Professionals (ACCP)

“We loved hearing you speak at the Rose Bowl! You were very inspirational. Xo :)”
– Event Planners Association

“Everyone is STILL talking about how amazing your talk was and we can’t wait to have you back again soon!”
– Michelle Garibay

“Seeing you speak and interact with all of the attendees last night made me realize what a rock star you really are!”
-Susan Quintero
City National Grove of Anaheim

I’d come to a conference just to hear her!  She was extremely personable with the audience and raised self esteem to individuals asking questions.  Great positivity!!!!
– Conference Attendee

This was the most informative, helpful and inspirational talk that I attended. Wendy has given me the key to opening the next doors and taking the next steps.
– Conference Attendee

Speaking Awards:

2014 Trendsetter Award for “Elevation of the Industry”

2013 Trinity Award for “Best Education Presenter”

2012 Trendsetter Award for “Elevation of the Industry”