Have you ever walked away from the perfect sales meeting thinking it was a done deal only to realize that someone else landed the client? You may have been the best option, but had the wrong approach.

91% of women believe advertisers don’t understand them

If you are selling to women, you’ve got to focus on HOW you sell. I’ll be the first to admit I can smell an aggressive salesperson a mile away whether or not they are actively selling. There is a sense about them I can feel. And before they finish an introduction, I’m already on guard with my walls up.

Women everywhere feel the same way. We feel completely turned off when we are approached with the notion of being sold to. We’ll go to great lengths to avoid salesy people. We are pros at “pre-shopping” online before we even set foot into a store or put something into our shopping carts.

The challenge with selling to women is that we buy differently. Our attention is captured by different things, we analyze differently and we are driven by different outcomes than men, which trips up a lot of people in their sales pitches and in nearly every sales training on the market. (Trust me, I’ve invested in dozens of them.)

I’ll also be the first to admit that I was a classic “Serial Soft-seller” to avoid anything relating to the feeling of selling or being sold to, which wasn’t very good for my business. I had all of the right things in my presentations, the office with the right zip code, and was in alignment with my target client…I just wasn’t closing. The irony is that I’ve been marketing to women for over two decades; first working in an advertising agency that targeted women, then working with women as an entrepreneur. (You think I would close every sale with all of that experience.)

I decided I needed to change my approach. As I stepped back, I realized that I was selling to women using traditional sales tactics or simply telling them about my solutions and not selling at all. It was critical to overhaul my selling game.

I often tell the story of the sales conference I went to so I could learn to sell better. I discovered mostly how NOT to sell to women, but I learned one amazing golden nugget. If I could connect with people differently, I could sell something that didn’t even exist. During a sales challenge at that event, I sold a service that I made up in 10 minutes with no real business or website to each person I talked to because of how I formulated my sales conversation.

I’ve been selling that way for nearly a decade and close 80-90% of the people I talk to, without being salesy.

Brain-Based Sales Techniques combining Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence effectively closes more sales.

Are you ready to add a unique way to sell to women and expand your successful sales tactics? Count me in if you want a powerful punch of brain-based sales techniques combining Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence to help your close more sales!

Key takeaways from this keynote on selling to women:

1. How to sell confidently by clearing the mental blocks that stop you from selling smart
2. How to warm up the sale before it begins
3. How to effectively lead the sales conversation
4. How to identify buying signals
5. How to close the sale
6. Mistakes to avoid when selling to women