Client experience (CX) is the new lifeline of business. Are you paying attention to this massive shift and it’s impact?

If you are not creating happiness in each and every touchpoint for your prospective and current clients, you are losing them to someone else who is. It steps beyond the boundaries of traditional customer service touching nearly every aspect of your business involving your culture, technology and human capital.

What is Client Experience?

Client experience is the overall outcome from each touchpoint your client has with you throughout the client’s journey. It is mapped from the very first point of contact through delivery of your product or service and sometimes beyond. It nurtures their needs.

Client Experience is the language of Millennials, luxury consumers and women.

Client experience is an intentional effort that you create aligning you closer with your ideal customer. It is planning out each touchpoint, each phase and every product or service you offer. It is actively creating happiness, satisfaction and trust with your clients. It is the language of  Millennials, luxury consumers and women.

Why Focus on Client Experience?

Psychological studies are showing that people are happier when people spend their money on “living” than just “consuming.” This is in direct correlation with every business that sells to consumers…your role is shifting to becoming part of their life story, not just providing the product or service they need. Consumers seek for experiences they can share on their social media feeds…become one of them.

A solid client experience increases bottom line revenue in 3 ways:

1. Improves client satisfaction
2. Increases cross-selling and up-selling
3. Improves client retention & referrals

Creating Happiness for clients has never been more important. They will actually pay more for a better experience!

86% of buyers will pay more for a better experience. 

What can you do to improve your client experience? How can you be creating happiness for your clients at every touchpoint? What can you do to nurture your existing clients? Make it so!

Wendy Dahl is the author of the forthcoming book “The Business of Creating Happiness” that brings the best of Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence to Client Experience.

Key takeaways from Wendy’ Client Experience keynote:

1. The secret to aligning your company with your “Golden Client”
2. How to nurture clients throughout the client journey
3. How to raise the happiness frequency for your clients
4. How to create buzz for your company through your clients
5. How to elevate your client experience year after year