Do you want ant to know Wendy’s “Story Behind The Story?”

Imagine what it is like to run a business that deals with what is potentially the most stressful yet most anticipated day of someone’s life. Where there is one shot to make things amazing for clients from all over the world. Where you work with people that have no business to be in business. You manage different teams on every project, work with cultures from around the globe and budgets into the millions.

You get amazing stories.

Stories that are relatable to any service business. (And you get very good at anticipating and avoiding mayhem and marketing and selling to women.)

Add that to several years in the corporate world working the same marketing job under the direction of five different Presidents who took the company in five different directions. Learning to create consistency in an inconsistent environment and dealing with corporate change that wasn’t comfortable.

You get very good at doing your best and rock solid on marketing to women.

You then find yourself teaching college in your 30’s where you inspire young people to create the life they have dreamed of. To help students determine their career path, whether they are best as an employee or an entrepreneur in a field that brings meaning to their lives. And you inspire them to be their best, to achieve their best and to do great things with the lives ahead of them.

Then somewhere in the middle of teaching classes that stretched six hours long, you realize that no one is asleep, that everyone is engaged and learning, and that you love how it feels to inspire and motivate others. So you go bigger. You begin teaching people from the stage. Then you start inspiring people from the stage. Then you are flown all over the country to share your message and soon find yourself writing not one but two books to support others along their paths to achieving greatness.

So you start a movement.

One that inspires people to get out of their own way and become the best person, the best worker, the best answer to those they work with and the clients they serve. You are relentless in spreading your message with everyone you meet. You live it. Breathe it. You become the driving force to inspire others to make that movement part of their daily lives. And you never, ever stop.

© Wendy Dahl 2017

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