There is a broad spectrum of feminism or feminist movements out there. I’ve spent a lot of time observing not just what women are trying to achieve but HOW they are trying to achieve it. I think women are more effective when they stand together for sure, but I also think it is time for a different approach to a feminine movement.

As I’ve crafted Womanation over the years, the main theme keeps returning to the Art of Feminine Power. You see Feminine Power is different for everyone, just like how success or methods of creating happiness vary from person to person. We each have unique strengths, but what remains consistent is that women are born with natural talents, abilities and instincts that are quite powerful. And for so long, we’ve been trying to translate what these powers are based on a man’s perspective instead of nurturing them in a way that is feminine.

The question remains: What if women win differently? What if women were not afraid to let their strengths really shine or boldly go after their dreams? What if we stopped listening to negativity and nurtured our minds to increase wisdom, knowledge and strength?

What if women win people over through influence and nurturing others instead of by control or domination? What if we bring more love and joy into the world by building each other up? What if we stop focusing on being perfect and embrace all of the good that exists? What if we lead using much needed “soft skills” of collaboration, adaptability, communication, perseverance and resilience at home and in the workplace?

My purpose is to inspire women to rise together and let go of the limiting beliefs imposed on us from previous generations. Who says you can’t start a business and make millions? Who says you need to stay in a job where you are paid differently than men for doing the same work? Why not choose a better career path? Why not move on to a better opportunity? Why not be constantly improving to increase your value and be clear with people what you bring to the table to be paid accordingly?

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