Elevate Everything Project

I spend time every day contemplating how I can improve my life, and the lives of the people I come into contact with. On a particularly lovely December morning I stood overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I felt the warm sun mixed with the cool breeze on my skin and opened my mind to how I can make next year better than this year.

I contemplated how I could become greater than I’ve ever been. To touch more people’s lives. To be more kind. To create more fulfillment and happiness. In that moment, the words “Elevate Everything” came to mind.

You see… this was a great year for me. I worked with amazing clients, my work got published, I wrote my first eBook, I won awards. But in that moment I realized I could have done so much more for so many more people.

I thought about what was holding me back from stepping into an even more awesome life. What was I tolerating? What was I thinking? How was I feeling?

In that moment, I realized that I had let my “Troll Brain” win a few. I identified people in my life that were draining me emotionally and even financially. I looked at the things I didn’t do because I let my dreams and desires become optional. I even let the Troll Brain in others influence my thinking. (The dastardly Double Troll Brain!)

I realized in order to finish my year strong and enter next year with my best foot forward, I needed to let some people, thinking patterns and tolerations go.

I needed to elevate. And when I really looked at my life, I needed to elevate everything!

My health was compromised from working hard and not getting enough rest. Troll Brain was getting too much time on my mind’s stage. Parts of my business were askew. The people I surrounded myself with were not in alignment with who I am becoming. My children were going through massive growth patterns and I didn’t feel present enough to be the Mom I wanted to be for them.

That was when I decided I needed to show up differently in my life. Troll Brain needed to be tamed. I needed more positive, uplifting and supportive people in my life. I needed to work smart and take care of myself. I needed to be more present for my children.

All of these thoughts happened in the span of 10 minutes, while I waited for some associates to arrive for lunch. I mentioned my 2018 action words were “Elevate Everything” during the conversation. To my surprise both women wanted to know what I was going to do and how they could do the same!

This got me thinking when I got home. I started brainstorming everything I could elevate this year. The list I made was over 100 things…which is WAAAY more than anyone should try to do in a year. Heck even 2 years. This was big enough, and wonderful enough to become the fuel behind everything I did, from this point forward.

Enter the Elevate Everything Project. A fun little way that I’m introducing my strategies to the world and improve the lives of others while I’m at it.

Each Sunday I’ll focus on one thing to elevate for the coming week. If there is something you want to elevate, comment below and we’ll develop a plan on how to make it happen.

So cheers to the beginning of something amazingly awesome! I’m excited you’re joining me!