I am so glad you are visiting me! May you find the inspiration you seek. I am honored you are joining the CREATING HAPPINESS MOVEMENT at work and in your life by MAKING AWESOME HAPPEN and ELEVATING EVERYTHING.

I believe you can ELEVATE EVERYTHING in LIFE

You are destined for greatness. You already have marvelous gifts and talents that you bring to the world. You already have the power within you to create the life you have dreamed of. Your personal power is mighty. It is within you to create and change your world, to inspire others, and to live a truly amazing life.

Elevating your life begins with a decision. Creating Happiness starts from within. You already have the ability to feel positive and be resilient no matter what is happening around you. You can activate thoughts that strengthen and lift you. You embody joy, kindness and love and you can impact the world around you for good. That is mighty powerful.


You created your business to do more than be profitable. You solve problems, you serve others, you enhance the lives of so many. In the beginning making your customers and employees happy brought you joy and fulfillment.

But things changed.

Growth happened. Change happened. Busy happened. From there you went into survival mode. Produce more. Increase revenue. Cut expenses. Which led to a decline in customer satisfaction and higher employee turnover.

You want to feel that passion again. You want your teams to feel it too. When you look at your business with the lens of Creating Happiness, you will revitalize that passion, bring you more joy, more profits, all while attracting and keeping great clients and employees. Designing happy experiences is in high demand with Millennial, luxury and female consumers. Are you listening to what they want to make them happy?  You’ll enjoy more success than you ever imagined your business could do when you start creating happiness.


The power of one is amplified with the power of many. A well functioning team, one that is aligned and focused, can accomplish extraordinary things. Things that make an astonishing impact on productivity and profitability. When teams focus on Creating Happiness, they increase overall functioning and performance. Being part of a team expands and enhances personal greatness all while stimulating creation, creativity and innovation.


Creating Happiness Through Gratitude
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